An idea so crazy it just might work

You know, there are a lot of "solutions" to the "plague" of money in politics out there. Unfortunately, most of them require massive new bureaucracies or infringe upon constitutional protected free speech. But then there's this:
My conclusion: if you’re really serious about getting the money out of politics, then you’ve got to reduce the power of government. Less government power equals less incentive for anyone to spend millions of dollars trying to influence the government.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Lance makes an excellent point that if the goal is to discourage special interest groups from lobbying government or "buying" seats, don't make government the solution to all life's problems. It's one of those common sense ideas that sounds crazy because it's so simple.

Now, the reason I linked this post is the nice little back and forth with campaign-finance reform advocate Jack Lohman. Lance pokes a big hole in the logic of just about all campaign-finance reform proponents. Go ahead and take a look.