I-10 Tear Down in NOLA?

Planners, including former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist, propose removing the elevated portions of I-10 in New Orleans over N. Claiborne Avenue.

I understand the history of the Treme and the community tragedy that followed the construction of the interstate.  But - and this may surprise some - I don't know that it's necessarily a good idea to tear down the portion over I-10.

I think it will take far more than mere removal of the interstate to revive the remnants of Treme on N. Claiborne's banks.  I also think it's convenient to have a swift way to get around the city - it would take forever to get certain places.  In fact, I'd go out on a limb and say that removing the elevated interstate might actually decrease the chance that some blighted areas down in the St. Roch, Treme, Desire, and Mid-City neighborhoods will get restored and revitalized because they will be even more inaccessible to the outside world.  

I welcome any dissent on the issue, though, and I look forward to researching the matter more thoroughly.