"highly significant for its timing and place"

Over at The Tbilisi Blues, Paul Rimple is talking about Joe Biden in Tbilisi:
In his parliamentary speech, Joe said all the right things. He explained what last month’s charter of strategic partnership was all about; thanked Georgia for sending troops to help out in Afghanistan and highlighted the significance of providing an alternative energy route to the west; he stressed that the US will never recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and supports the country’s bid for NATO; he reassured US commitment to help develop the military (much to Russia’s ire) and even quoted the eminent Georgian writer Ilya Chavchavadze: “My heart burns with a holy flame that all my strength I may employ, to serve my people faithfully in sorrow and in joy. O let my people's suffering be branded on my soul I ask, and let my heart, through good and ill, be equal to its task.” - not bad considering Joe had just been turned on to the great author only hours earlier.

In Azerbaijan, I'd get regaled with the story of W's trip to Georgia probably once a month. Usually at weddings. All the ethnic Georgians I hung out with wanted to tell me about it, imitate it for me, show me poor-quality video on their cell phones. So I'm a bit glad that story got a mention here, however dismissive.