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What to make of a possible Liz Cheney run for Congress?

On the one hand, the mystery of her views on most domestic issues could give heart to the libertarian-inclined Republicans who are cheered by her father's views on gay marriage. I suspect -- based on pretty scant evidence, granted -- that she'd be a powerful voice for a more libertarian-oriented domestic policy, both fighting against the Obama fiscal goals but able to use her conservative credentials and her district's interests to push for greater liberality socially. She'd have a strong hand to push Republicans in the right direction. And, as one of the above-linked pieces notes, she could form some powerful links with DC thinktanks to bring a greater degree of intellectual heft back to a party that has largely given that in in favor of Joe the Plumber and "you betcha."

Her foreign policy platforms, however, and her defense of some of her father's policies vis-a-vis the CIA are much more worrisome. The torture program the CIA conducted is rightly reviled, and the closing of Guantanamo is the right thing to do.

So, which weighs more heavily? What factors am I missing? Feel free to hit me over the head in the comments...