"a bright spot in the current recession"

Skinny jeans for men.

I've certainly noticed the trend of cripplingly tight jeans here in New York.  Especially after being told point blank by some people - who eyed up my clearly insufficiently constrictive jeans - that I would fit into New York once I started wearing them.

And here, coming from an occasional familiarity with the New Orleans nightlife, I thought I was being dressy by wearing nice jeans (instead of shorts) in the summer night in the first place.

No matter how good they look, they seem awfully uncomfortable.  But clearly, I'm not familiar enough with the many benefits of ultra-tight jeans:

"One day, he got caught in the rain without an umbrella and was unable to run. When his colleagues sat in a circle, the 23-year-old English teacher from Portland, Ore., couldn't cross his legs. And when he tried to jaywalk, while in Beijing for work, he couldn't hop the median divider with his friends."