The beer in their bottles...

So, apparently there is going to be some kind of get-together at the White House today. Something about 3 guys who had a little spat sitting down over a few beers - with their lawyers and union rep present, of course - to make sure there are no hard feelings.

This is a very silly PR stunt and I think it is an incredible waste of time. Nothing will be gained. The President will be hailed by his supporters and bashed by his critics.

Now, then, on to what really matters: what beer the 3 main characters will be drinking. According to the White House, Mr. Gates wants Red Stripe, Mr. Crowley wants Blue Moon, and the President wants a Budweiser. Really?

No, seriously, really? Two of these guys live right outside Boston and the President went to Harvard and you're telling me no one wants a Sam Adams? You've got to be kidding me. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with Red Stripe or Blue Moon - I do have serious issues with Budweiser - but it just strikes me as odd that no one wants one of the hometown brews. I can guarantee you that if this had happened in Madison - not that it would - the professor and cop would certainly be requesting something better and closer to home. Any of the Capitol or New Glarus selections jump quickly to mind.

As for the President's choice, I think that on behalf of all true beer lovers - and the best beer state in the country - we should send the President a gift of the best beer Wisconsin has to offer, because it is frighteningly clear that he needs help in choosing a good beer.