After reading this, all I want is a big steak. I wonder why?

Apparently Ezra Klein doesn't think much of eating meat.
It's also worth saying that this is not a call for asceticism. It's not a value judgment on anyone's choices. Going vegetarian might not be as effective as going vegan, but it's better than eating meat, and eating meat less is better than eating meat more. It would be a whole lot better for the planet if everyone eliminated one meat meal a week than if a small core of die-hards developed perfectly virtuous diets.

Of course, that is a value judgment, but he's the one being virtuous so I guess he gets a pass. For whatever reason, every time I hear these sanctimonious blowhards talking about how horrible it is to eat meat I suddenly crave a steak - or a burger, or a brat.

Does anyone else find this absurd? I thought cars and evil SUV's and the Bush administration were to blame, not the steak I want for dinner.

I also think immediately of a South Park episode about veal and the punchline of a Ron White joke when asked what he was doing to combat global warming: "I'm eating the cows - but I'm only one man."

That and the classic line that if God had intended us not to eat animals He wouldn't have made them so tasty.

H/T: The Corner and Mark Krikorian