Of Beer, Burgers, and Leave

Well, I've just returned to the desert after a fantastic 15 days at home. Needless to say it's a bit of a let-down. Oh, well.

In case anyone cares, my first beer back in Wisconsin was a Leinie's Sunset Wheat. Though not my favorite beer, it is always a faithful go-to drink on a summer day and tasted near-perfect. Also, to go along with the Sunset Wheat I had a very good patty melt burger. It goes without saying that finding good Swiss - let alone good rye - in Kuwait is nearly impossible and I thoroughly enjoyed my first meal back.

Speaking of beer, I really enjoyed trying a few new brews while at home. New Glarus Alt is a fantastic, barrel-aged beer that I enjoyed very much. Also among my new favorites in Leinie's Classic Amber. Though perhaps not as smooth as Capitol's Wisconsin Amber, it is very tasty.

My time at home was not spent exclusively enjoying beer, however. I spent all 15 days with my beautiful fiancee, and also got the chance to catch up with many friends and family.

It was a very relaxing and rewarding trip home. I can't wait to be back for good.

As for my being bored with politics - that's done for now. I'll get back to serious blogging very soon.