"Journalistic ethics?" Really?

I wasn't going to post on this. I never really liked McBride and Chief Flynn seemed competent, outside of that I just don't care.

That said, who cares about McBride's "ethics" as a journalist? She cheated on her husband with a married man! Sorry, but if you do that I'm really not going to believe you have a grasp on anything even approaching ethics. Chief Flynn has some serious explaining to do. Whether or not he keeps his job is up to Mayor Barrett. But this sure doesn't look good.

It's a sad, pathetic story. The only people we should have sympathy for are the people they cheated on. End of story.

And if conservatives really want to be the party of values, stop rationalizing affairs! You look petty and stupid. They cheated on their spouses. They broke their word. Absent any abuse, I don't care what the excuse is. If it's wrong, it's wrong. There is no gray area.