"It actually was a car wreck - and an end-over-end NASCAR flame out at that."

That pretty much sums up the press conference held today by Gov. Mark "no-chance-at-being-POTUS-now" Sanford. I really don't have much to say other than my thoughts are almost exactly like these on the RealClearPolitics blog:

If one has any faith in the rationality of man, one has to think that the higher degree of scrutiny politicians are subjected to would deter such behavior. I guess there's an offsetting "rock star" quotient that might give more opportunities for affairs than the average person. But again, most of these aren't just average, everyday affairs of the Jim Bunn or Tim Hutchinson variety. They're stunning displays of hubris and stupidity.

So I find it really, really disturbing that so many people who are in charge of so many important things -- potentially even with a finger on a nuclear trigger -- display such amazingly poor judgment so frequently. On the other hand, I guess it also explains a lot.

They also have Mrs. Sanford's statement on the matter. I can only say that this woman appears to have a lot of class and I feel sorry for her. I'm also glad that she didn't act like a prop for her husband like so many other political wives.