The great West Bend book-burning caper

Apparently, according to some in West Bend, the best way to deal with a book that offends you is to burn them:
[A] few lost souls over in West Bend, Wisconsin had been insisting they be allowed to burn a few books in their library's collection. Area residents Ginny and Jim Maziarka, you see, had deemed certain of the works in the young adult section as being "sexually explicit."

Thankfully, the library's trustees voted unanimously to maintain the collection and effectively tell the Maziarkas to piss off, but I still couldn't help but think: Book burning? Really? We're still doing that?

Emily makes another point about the religious right and how it deals with homosexuality that I also agree with:
This whole controversy, couched in claims of protecting children from "sexually explicit" content, is really about homophobia. Sadly, many people still find the very idea to be repellent and an unsuitable topic of discussion at any age. And many people also feel that simply mentioning homosexuality is "sexually explicit," even when nothing naughty ever happens.

Coming, as it does, right about the same time as the slaying of an abortion doctor, the religious right is looking fairly unsavory at the moment.