The Beeb sings the blues

The BBC looks at New Orleans, and sees a struggle for rebirth:
A Walmart superstore is also due to open in the new year - an important sign of recovery, according to Craig.

At the same time, he acknowledged that - while the authorities may want to build bigger, better and smarter - the recovery is not entirely in their hands.

"Much of the recovery depends on some things we don't have control over. Whether the nation's economy gets better and allows people to move around a little bit more, whether the housing market improves. As long as the federal dollars continue to flow, our recovery projects will continue."

When I was down that way -- very briefly, perhaps too much so to comment in-depth -- NOLA struck me as a city in some way cushioned from the economic downturn by the already-flowing federal dollars and the influx of creative-class types, and in some ways more vulnerable, still on the brink. So I hope our New Orleans readers will chime in with their impressions -- is the Beeb right? Are they missing anything? Have you been to the Musicians' Village mentioned, and what did you take away from it?