With only 15 days until Leave, another of life's all important questions...

This post over a Troglopundit, though on a completely un-newsworthy and silly story, got me thinking about another necessity of life that I will be having when I get home: the cheeseburger. (Note: here in America's Dairyland (screw you California), there is no such thing as a plain hamburger)

Now, I can get a burger over here - we do have a Burger King, a Hardee's and burgers on demand at the chow hall - but they aren't very good. Everything is cooked well-done, extremely dry (or alternatively, exceedingly greasy) and occasionally I think it may be camel meat.

So, I'm thinking of what burgers to have when I get home. Of course, the classic Butterburger is a favorite, as is a homemade burger on the grill. My question, especially for all you Madisonians, is when I'm in Madison, which cheeseburger to get at Dotty Dumpling's when I'm there.

While we're at it, because I'm going for a break from politics for the moment, I'd like to combine my earlier question about which beer with this one and ask which meal - beer and burger - looks best to you?

By the way, as of this post I only have roughly 15 days, 21 hours, and 45 minutes to decide. Not that I'm counting...