Smoking Ban Signed Into Law

If I had known this was going down in Milwaukee while I was there earlier today, I would have gone to observe and comment.

Here's Governor Jim Doyle, as a he signed Wisconsin's statewide working place smoking ban into law:

"I think most people what they want more than anything is that it is standard across the state," Doyle said.

Uniformity is not the overriding concern when a lack of uniformity would result in the state depriving fewer individuals of the ability to engage in an otherwise lawful activity.

Then there are these folks:

More than 100 supporters packed the restaurant for the signing and at one point chanted "smoke free, smoke free, smoke free."

I'm so relieved that Jim Doyle and his crew of 100 know what's best for me.  And for everyone.

As one observer aptly noted:

"Free societies allow people to make decisions that others don't like.  That includes allowing smokers to choose bars and restaurants which cater to their preferences, just as nonsmokers should have places that cater to theirs.  It was once an American tradition."