A Pilgrimage to Sessler's Meeme House

Yesterday, we ventured out into the countryside toward Lake Michigan late in the day.

Sure enough, there were a few cars parked out front of the big white, pillared veranda dating back to 1847.  And the Hamm's sign was still swinging across the driveway.

We stepped inside the tavern - and back into the past.

Josh checked out the unparalleled old time jukebox - I picked out "Bluebird Polka" by the local Jerry Schneider Orchestra and Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line."   Two songs for a quarter.

Val, the proprietor since 1955, served a few repeat customers - who recommended the chili and the fish fry - as we waited for our order.

In the side room, Josh went back behind the pool table to investigate the "Mr. Do!" arcade game while I browsed the annual deer hunting records and photos.

When our order came, I was pleased as always to find a real, honest to goodness hard roll bun for my burger.  There was a bit of butter mixed in with the ketchup, pickle, and mustard, too. Absolutely delicious.

Val served up a can of Hamm's before taking her seat down at our end of the bar. We talked about all sorts of things, including how a few of our old classmates - who are either her relatives or patrons - are doing these days.

I also got a surprise as I wrapped up my meal.  Some of you may remember the review I wrote on Yelp recommending the tavern - and the comment I got from one of Val's relatives.  Well, when I told Val I had recommended her place on the internet, she knew who I was - and brought out the framed version!  Her family gave it to her last summer for her 89th birthday.  She turns 90 this August.  We wish her all the best.