Paging Ann Althouse

Perhaps Althouse should move to Azerbaijan:
According to a witness, yesterday Azeri Public TV held a press-conference for AySel & Arash, Azerbaijan's Eurovision 2009 entrants who came third in the contest. In the very beginning of the conference, the Deputy Director of Azeri Public TV got furious at a 14-year-old boy for wearing shorts and ordered him to be removed out of the building. Deputy Director reportedly said: "What a shame! How one can come here in shorts? Take him out of here!" Thus the boy was taken out of the building crying.

I'll take the opposite tack on arguing shorts: they are a shrine of freedom, a symbolic breaking free of the stuffiness of the lingering Soviet culture of the Caucasus, an embracing of the body in a prudish society. Why does Ann want to crush freedom? Why does she support making young fans of goofy Eurovision contestants cry? Rally 'round the shorts!