Making an enemy

Longtime readers may remember my penchant for picking fights -- there was the summer of Susan Lampert Smith, there was former alder Brenda Konkel, and the iconic Jill Klosterman. It's nice to have an enemy; frankly, I've always wished Facebook would add an "enemies" section, so I could keep track of them, too, a la Dick Nixon. And it's been a while since I've had a good enemy.

Moreover, it seems that in order to get a kajillion hits a day, I need to pick fights.

So today I declare a new Blog Enemy Number One: McCain. No, not that McCain. Not even that one (actually, that one's pretty great). The other one.

He needs to go.

You see, McCain is the kind of third-rate schlock merchant who wants to run the Republican Party off a cliff. He marches in the vanguard of the Rush army, an anti-intellectual Palin-pusher who thinks conservatives are better because Ann Coulter is a "babe" (yeah, we'll link the "babes," but don't talk about sex!). It's hard to say it better than this:
And this, once again, is the central contradiction of the movement conservative pundit, men who regularly mock nerdy philosophizers when they are, in fact, nerdy philosophizers. Robert Stacey McCain isn’t, actually, some character from a Bruce Springsteen video. He’s a writer and thinker, a guy who pals around at Washington magazine parties and think tank frou-fras. He is most assuredly not one of the Ordinary Americans he is here glamorizing. This was the glaring idiocy of the Sarah Palin boosters within the conservative intelligentsia from last year, people decrying liberal elitists when in every material way, they themselves resembled those liberal elitists far more than they resembled what they believed Palin represented. It takes a special lack of self-knowledge to write an insidery, navel-gazing post about how much you hate navel-gazing insiders, but then, it takes a special lack of self-knowledge to regularly decry intellectualism underneath a quote from Arthur Koestler.

This is the modern Republican of the Palin faction: a snide, fake Joe who has run out of ideas, flailing madly, proud in the belief that the GOP can survive on yelling "socialism" and "abortion" and taking shots at anyone who has a decent idea for the party. A man who values smash-mouth radio entertainment bullshittery over forging any real new direction for a party adrift at sea and lacking any kind of cogency or immediacy to a generation raised on Jon Stewart, who thinks the kids need to sit down and shut up while their dithering elders dig the party deeper into the hole. The old saying warns about cutting off one's nose to spite one's face -- I wonder how Robert's is faring these days.

Meanwhile, he's the kind of moron who thinks he's hot shit because he gets a dump of hits by cashing in on a Carrie Prejean picture Google bomb. Really? You gauge your influence based on the knuckle-draggers in darkened rooms who want a peek at a model's breasts? Way to go, pal.