Today was the day.

It was a long ceremony. It's kind of like the Inauguration. We're really only all there for one thing but they add padding.

Bud Selig was the keynote speaker. I paid attention to him--I like baseball--and "Biddy". Nothing in particular to write home about.

There were other speeches: a regent, the class president, and a fundraising person. The regent went before the master's students and the two latter went between the masters and bachelors. The class president's oration wasn't too good. Neither in content nor delivery did he put on something worthy of the event. He was a business student.

There was an actual tassel flipping person on the way to the stage. Hand the slip of paper with your name to the logistics person who maintained an orderly queue of slips, as long as the number of people between the top of the ramp and Bud, about 4-5, and then passed the oldest one to the reader. Then there were five handshakes sandwiched between two photos.

Engineering in orange and business in blue. In this photo I would be somewhere on the left side lost at the horizon of the mortarboard sea.

Pretty impressive overall especially given the scale--they do five of these with no practices and minimal instructions.

I see from facebook that my colleges at UW-Parkside had the governor today. Most of the people from my H.S. that go to college either go to Parkside or Whitewater. Perhaps he mentioned something about the recent news of the closing of the Chrysler factory in Kenosha.

This was the first college graduation I've been to. The implications of the event didn't really hit me until I was walking down the street to the arena with other people in gowns and tassels. It's bittersweet.

It won't be my last graduation. I'll be back probably at the Kohl Center in another two years with an orange hood, if you catch my drift.