Here we go again

More nonsense from the UN Human Rights Council:
"Any supposedly democratic ballot conducted in this way would be considered a farce," wrote Havel, who penned more than a dozen farces for the stage. "Yet tomorrow the [UN] General Assembly will engage in just such an 'election' when it votes to fill the vacancies on the 47-member Human Rights Council."

Only 20 countries are running for 18 vacant seats on the Geneva-based council. UN diplomats said the outcome is nearly set in stone, since most countries in the five geographic regions have already struck agreements on who to support.

The council was set up three years ago to replace the UN Human Rights Commission, which was widely criticized for failing to overcome political alliances and take a strong stand on issues including China's rights record.


The human rights group Freedom House said seven candidate countries had dubious rights records: Azerbaijan, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The group urged UN member states to block them.