Fallout from the Chrysler Bailout

This is not good news for Wisconsin. It shouldn't be a complete shock, but it still hurts. The GM plant closing in Janesville was not a complete shock, but it still hurt to have loyal workers out of jobs. Maybe there's some hope for the engine factory in Kenosha, maybe not. Only time will tell.

Still, at a certain point, Governor Doyle needs to pull his head out of his rear end and start wondering why plant closings and relocations continue to hit Wisconsin so hard. Yes, the economy sucks right now, but you can't continue to blame everything on a national problem.

Governor Doyle says "it is unfair to ask those same workers to sacrifice their jobs to save a foreign plant making the exact same product." Maybe, but did you ever stop and think why a company might not want to stay in Wisconsin? Governor Doyle, you have been in office 6 years, you wield the most powerful veto pen in the world. Could you please start to act like a leader?

When Chrysler made the announcement on the Kenosha plant, you have to wonder: "How did Doyle not know that this was even a possibility?" Sure, Chrysler could have lied to him, but he can't be so stupid as to think that this was a bolt out of the blue. At least I hope he isn't that stupid.

As I have said again and again, we need leadership. Governor Doyle provides none. A real governor would be evaluating why factories don't want to be in Wisconsin. Do you think it might have at least a little bit to do with our business climate?

I'm not saying that lowering taxes or cutting bureaucratic red tape would have - or could have - saved the Chrysler plant. What I am saying is that it sure as heck couldn't hurt. It's time to stop blaming every bit of bad news on the economy, President Bush, previous governors, etc.

Maybe it's got a little something to do with how we run our state.