Do you know a "Free Tuition Nominee" at Tulane?

I didn't know about this program until today:

Present law further provides that the administrators agree to give continuously, in the academic department, free tuition to students nominated by members of the legislature. Provides that each legislator has the right to nominate one student from among the state's citizens and that each nominee shall comply with the admission requirements established by the administrators.  Further provides that the free tuition shall continue for a period not to exceed the time remaining in the term of the nominating legislator from the time such appointment begins, unless his scholarship has ceased from other causes.  Provides that the same student may be appointed in successive years and that when a scholarship becomes vacant, from any cause, the legislator who appointed the previous student, or his successor, shall, in the manner prescribed by these provisions, immediately name a successor.

A bill  from the 2008 Legislative session sought to remove the nomination provision from Louisiana law.

While there is a merit-based criteria funnel, it seems the program has come under significant criticism .  I'm going to try to get a list of the students who benefit from this provision.

ht/ Ian F