The Beer in our bottles

As my leave date approaches, and with it a temporary reprieve from the desert, I am constantly thinking of what I want to do at home. Aside from spending as much time as possible with my wonderful fiancee and my family, of course.

One thing that leaps to mind is having a nice cold beer. For those of you who don't know, Operation Iraqi Freedom is, I think, the first and only dry war in history - alcohol of any kind is punishable under the UCMJ. In other words, I get into big trouble if I have any, or anyone sends it to me.

So, as a proud UW grad enduring another forced bout of prohibition - and in honor of the last non-commercialized Mifflin, I am wondering what my first beer should be back home. My current choice is Capitol Brewery's Wisconsin Amber - one of my all time favorites. Also high on the list would be Leinie's Honeyweiss or Sunset Wheat or the Great Dane's Veruckte Stadt.

While I ponder this all important choice - and the beer bottle logo for LIB - I can't help but wonder what your choices, or recommendations, are. While your at it, have for me, too.