Wendt Appalled by Sumptuous Ostentation of Predecessors

George Wendt, the new Tulane GAPSA President, uncovers a dark secret about his predecessors as he pushes for fiscal responsibility: 

"As I pour through the old receipts from exec board meetings it's appalling. The old exec board meetings had filet mignon for themselves with student money."

While I agree with the need to stop Versaillesque instances of waste and excess like the example uncovered above, I think the difference between the $300,000 the Reserve Fund is anticipated to hold after this school year's end and the $100,000 the Fund is required to hold as a minimum should be rebated to individual grad students on a pro rata basis next year.

Distributing the funds to individual students would reduce the temptation for misuse by officers - and individual students will know how to spend their portion of funds best to maximize their utility, focusing on whatever most pressing need presents itself.