Some good news and a whole lot of bad news.

One of my favorite restaurants is Buffalo Wild Wings. Love the food and I am thrilled that Janesville now has one - yet another place that I have to go when home on leave next month.

Okay, so that's the good news.

The bad news is that for the 120 job openings at the new BWW in Janesville there were 1600 applicants. That's right 1600.

This story comes as the unemployment rate in Rock County hits 13.5%. Janesville jumped to 15.3% and Beloit hit a whopping 17.7%. Once again Beloit is the highest in the state. One begins to wonder if we will see 20% unemployment in Beloit before the worst is truly over.

By the way, the unemployment rate one year ago in Rock County? 5.5%.

I know we are beginning to bludgeon a dead horse here at LIB, but when this is happening in Wisconsin cities where is Governor Doyle? Where are the elected representatives of Rock County? Anyone?

Bueller? ... Bueller?