So you twitter that you want a revolution...

Protest is afoot in Moldova:
I’ve already seen quite a few people (and news organisations) drawing parallels with Ukraine’s Orange Revolution.

It’s far from clear what’s going on in Moldova at the moment, but it’s clear the situation is very out of control and pretty much everyone’s been caught on the hop. Although few think that Moldova’s Communist Party are above a certain level of electoral fraud, I don’t think anyone seriously believed that the election was a complete con. And, as a result, I think no-one expected anything more than the usual half-hearted protests from the losers.

So to see a full scale protest, complete with a ritual storming of Parliament, is quite a shock.

But, given the closeness of the election result, the genuine popularity of the Communist Party compared with their nearest rivals (the Communists got around 50%, while their nearest rivals struggled to get past 12%) I’m not sure we’ll see a dramatic revolution.

You can follow it live.