So much Sochi

Amid a swirl of activity in Sochi, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claims to have captured a Georgian spy:
"The Russian FSB uncovered and halted an agent of the Georgian security services... illegally trespassing on Russian territory with the aim of carrying out reconnaissance and subversive activities," a FSB spokesman said.
“Maisuradze arrived in Sochi in mid-2007 using a fake Ukrainian passport. He acquired Ukrainian citizenship and other necessary documents with the help of the Georgian secret service,” the source told RIA Novosti. He was engaged in business, however the Russian counterintelligence are assured that the Internet-cafe opened by Maisuradze is nothing but his cover and at the same time a convenient liaison channel with other spies.


(Edit: even more interesting in light of this, via Siberian Light. Retaliation?)