One more word on Moldova

If this is right, the situation is pretty touch-and-go:
Meanwhile a well-informed source in Kishinev told on April 7 the news agency Regnum that the Moldovan oppositional leaders who were conducting negotiations with the President Vladimir Voronin, initially did not control the post-elections situation in the country as it was punted on a wide network of pro-Romanian civil servants, representatives of intelligence agencies and army.
"Already at the moment it is evident that introduction of the martial law and a curfew in Chisinau is impossible by virtue of the above-stated reasons. The results of negotiations, both, negative and positive, will be on a hand to organizers of riots as the conditions which have been put forward by the representatives of opposition are impracticable and non-fulfilment of these demands in conditions of absence of control of ongoing events only stimulates escalation of further disturbances. The basic public authorities are paralysed, they physically do not have wherefrom they can govern", the source marked. He also has added that the army has actually refused to participate in dispersal of supporters of opposition, Regnum adds.