Now this is real leadership

"A lot of them have retired. A lot of them have lost their elections, and so the way I see it is we've got a younger breed of reformers in the party," he said. "That breed has got to take over and become a reform party."

Callouts to the Blue Dogs. Measured, impassioned speeches about the budget. And now, Rep. Ryan hits on something we here at LiB have been fairly concerned with ourselves -- moving the party in a new direction and making it viable for the future:
"If you believe in freedom, liberty, self-determination, free enterprise, I don't care if you're a Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Christian, gay, straight, Latino, black, white, Irish, whatever. Join us."

This needs to be the rallying cry of the GOP. Ryan is ascendant right now, blazing a path forward from the trenches dug by the party after its 2008 debacle. We wish him well.

Edit: timestamp changed to reflect when I actually posted my thoughts, rather than when I began them.