Neumann To Join Wisconsin Gov's Race

Mike H here at LIB noted rumblings about this back in January...

...and now it seems to be confirmed that Scott Walker will have a primary opponent on the GOP side:

Former Congressman Mark Neumann said Thursday he plans to seek the Republican nomination for governor in 2010.

Neumann told the Wisconsin State Journal he intends to get into the race "some time between now and October."

Thoughts?  Some parties seem to think it's a huge mistake for Neumann to step back into the ring - I've even seen a facebook group devoted to convincing him to stay on the sidelines.  And observers from the Left, no surprise, are licking their chops. 

Still, I think it's perfectly fine and legitimate for Neumann to jump into the race; the state GOP needs to see what plays better with a wider segment of Wisconsinites.  However, both candidates are running from southeast Wisconsin, so I would think there's less of a Green/Walker geographic support dichotomy in play this time around - not sure.  

While Walker certainly seems the heir apparent to a good portion of the state GOP proper (having "stepped aside" for Green like a gentleman in 2006), Neumann has dormant statewide connections - and, as Mike H pointed out back January, a lesser appearance of being associated with Bush given his timeline in and out of politics.

Personally, I will be watching both candidates to see which one has better learned the lessons of the recent state and national GOP campaign experiences - especially the cautionary tale of Bush.