A High Rate of Death

Let's do a review of blogs on our soon-to-be-updated sidebar in the category of "The Lagoon - Madison," shall we?

Althouse - Strong
Christian Schneider - Strong
University & State - Strong
Badger Blues - "This blog should be in a museum."
Critical Badger - Strong
Hippie Perspective - Sort of came back for a while there
The Wisconsin Lounge - A return spurt, then nothing since Feb.
Something Verbose - Dead - No post since November 2008
Partridge Amongst Pigeons - Dead - No post since 2008
Fearless Sifting - Site no longer exists (and I think I'd updated to the correct second site)
Mr Mustache - Waxing America - Strong
Vote Dark Horse, Vote Dorshorst - Dead - No post since 2008
Right Off the Shore - Dead - No post since 2008
Brian's Study Breaks - Strong - Changed name to "Brian's Coffeehouse"
Alderman Eli Judge - Rendered Obsolete
Other Side of the Ocean - Strong
Fearful Symmetries - Strong
Uncredible Hallq - New url.
Sara with No H - Strong
Columnist Manifesto - Dead - 1 post since Sept. 2008
Pixelated Imagination - Error 404 - File Not Found.