Head Checked - by a Jumbo Jet

This aspect of the New York Harbor flying photo-op incident still doesn't make any sense to me:

The memo specifically directed local agencies not to tell the public about the photo shoot, according to a government official. The memo detailed the nature of the event and the flight details, saying there would be a transport and fighter aircraft flying over the harbor. "Information in this document shall not be released to the public or media," the memo instructed. "Public affairs posture for this effort is passive," it said.

The oddity of of such an explicit command in a post-911 landscape is almost enough to get me thinking up conspiracy theories, such as: "Was this some kind of innocuous test to see how the public would react to a possible terrorist move - how jittery are people, how will various agencies react?"  

I think the official responsible, who has taken responsibility, should be publicly reprimanded or fired.