Baton Rouge Teachers Lock Themselves in School

...and blog it. 

My friend - a teacher at the school who now goes by "Mr. Adams," it appears - explains:

So here's the rub.  Me and two other teachers have locked ourselves in our school for the week because 95% of our students ABEd during LEAP testing (Attendance, Behavior, Effort).

We're trying to generate some attention for it as a reflection of a school, faculty, and student body we really believe in, particularly when schools are being taken over in Baton Rouge, despite making growth in test scores.  Our kids really impressed us with their urgency and commitment so we had to hold up our end of the deals we made: principal got a blue mohawk, AP wore a dress, three teachers locking themselves in the school.

What does he mean by Baton Rouge schools "being taken over"?  This.