Wisconsin: We spent $50,000 and all we got was this lousy slogan...

John Jagler from Milwaukee's WTMJ has the story over on his blog about the state's new slogan. Here's the logo and the new slogan:

Apparently that person is supposed to be doing a cartwheel. You know, because people here cartwheel all the time. Not only is it kinda lame... it's not even original.
Bacardi has already used it.

Nice. We spend $50,000 for an add firm to give us something off a booze bottle.

This should honestly outrage every taxpayer. We can't even get an original slogan? We shell out 5o grand and get a crappy - stolen - slogan. Great job.

You know, something tells me we could have spent a tenth of the money and asked 4th graders all across the state to come up with a better slogan. Maybe even something that has to do with our state's identity? The comments on Jagler's post have some good suggestions. I wonder what LIB readers can come up with.