When Statues Fall

In Spain, statues of Franco are falling at last by government order.

Meanwhile, here in New Orleans, the city, interestingly, remains peppered with statues of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, General Bureaugard (as well as thoroughfares named in their honor).  

There's also the hidden monument to the "Battle of Liberty Place" from the Colfax Massacre (it's been stuck back amidst power lines, parking lots and rail lines between Canal Place and the aquarium).

It's an interesting contrast in divergent modern national approaches to the treatment of historic figures, monuments, and the "national narrative."   The moves of Spain's socialist government reminds me a bit of various Egyptian rulers, like Thutmose III - who went to the length of scraping out stone carving and destroying statues to eliminate the memory of Hatshepsut, a predecessor.  

Still, consider some American moves.  The Spanish effort also brings to mind the mechanically-assisted fall of Saddam...even the colonial toppling of George III.