I'm sitting in the lobby of the hotel here in Charleston.

President Obama is live on CNN speaking about the War in Afghanistan.  The rhetoric - very Bush-like with its "perilous"ness and "dire" language keeps rolling along, people glance up at the yellow breaking news label, listen for a bit, determine it's not as important as they thought, and then proceed.

But amidst the obviousness and eloquence, Obama dropped, like an orange being thrown in the middle of Mass, the call for Congressional authorization of $1.5 billion of direct payment  to the people of Pakistan.

One of the managers at the front desk, a black man in his late twenties/early thirties, having been listening with his peripheral hearing, apparently, shouted "What?!?" - whipping his head up toward the President on television, away from the guest before him.

"Sorry," he explained, looking at me across the lobby, "I was just thinking out loud."  He shook his head and went back to the checkout paperwork.

I shrugged my shoulders, expressing a shared sense of this new and exotic form of bailout fatigue.