What Republican Party?

Though I disagree with Susan Estrich on virtually everything she says from a policy standpoint, she is dead-on in her column about The Republican Vacuum.

She's right. We don't have a leader. We don't have a unified strategy. John Boehner isn't stepping up and neither is Mitch McConnell. Someone in the Party needs to stand up and say "follow me." Someone needs to grab the elephant by the tusks and say "I will lead this party." They can't wait for an invitation, it's time to stand up now.

I think it is safe to say that the GOP faithful are willing to follow just about anyone right now who presents a clarity of vision and purpose. We need someone to stand up and fight. Not just the horribly bad policies coming from Pelosi and the White House, but from misguided policies advocated by other "conservatives."

How much longer will it take for this to happen?