"That was a mess up there"

I spent the night in the back of an ambulance and at LSU's University Hospital after being involved in a serious car crash on the Crescent City Connection, along with three guests from Wisconsin who had just arrived for an extended weekend in town.

Fortunately, despite my car being totaled and the jaws of life coming into play up on the bridge over the Mississippi in the night, all four of us are back at the house alive.

A special thanks to the law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel from the Crescent City Connection and the City of New Orleans for their quick work after we were rear-ended/side-swiped.  Our gratitude goes out to the doctors and nurses at LSU who worked through the night as well, along with friends who have pitched in to help.

I've been told that I may end up looking like a wrestler when the stitches come out and the bandages come off, given the trauma to my ear.  But for the moment, I'm simply breathing one huge, exhausted sigh of relief.  And rolling my eyes a bit because I look like I just tried to pull a Van Gogh.