Survey says: America's on the highway to hell

Just kidding, we all know hell isn't real.

A new survey was published this week revealing that 11% fewer Americans consider themselves Christians than in 1990.

There will be graphs.

Non-religious people are now 15% of the country, up from 8%, 19 years ago. Wisconsin's up to 15% from 6%, and Louisiana grew to 8% from 3%.

In an article today an evangelical predicts an evangelical collapse.

However, even with increasingly diminished numbers I think religious interests will continue to have a disproportionately loud voice. How would someone mobilize non-religious people and votes? That'd be like starting the "Round World Association" or the "Non-Stamp Collectors Club" and being surprised when it isn't a hit. People don't come together over things they don't do.

Politicians, always seeking votes, ought to be the ones on the secular vanguard as they're always up for reelection and anticipating shifts. However, there's still that political trap of pursing a few religious votes knowing the non-religious will largely ignore it.

It's not the politicians from the area I know well, Wisconsin & Chicagoland, who are the religious ones, things up here and our people in DC are pretty secular already.

Down in Louisiana, on the other hand, no one cares what you do privately, but you people need to stop the creationism silliness if you want your state to be taken seriously.

And wasn't the amount of religion in the Inauguration kind of weird? On the bright side, it's like we tried to clear all the superstition out in the first day for a sane remainder.