Sen. Robson's road to economic recovery: Let Washington do it!

This is a complete abdication of responsibility. Instead of offering solutions or attempting to reform our state's laws and taxes to encourage growth and real economic recovery in Wisconsin, Sen. Robson is directing our attention to a website that isn't even complete.

A note to Sen. Robson and the rest of the representatives for Beloit and Janesville: Our communities are in desperate shape. We have the 1st and 3rd highest unemployment rates in the state. Don't hold tell us that a website for the Office of Recovery and Reinvestment or two construction projects will fix our problems. Do not hold photo-op office hours on public buses to show you are a "man of the people."

Use your positions of influence and get something done! Stop relying on Washington to do your jobs.

We cannot spend our way out of this situation. The construction projects and the "stimulus" money are only a way to limit the effects of the recession by temporarily stemming the tide of job loss. We cannot build highways and schools indefinitely and eventually we will need real economic recovery to take place.

This is where my anger comes in. It is all well and good that we are going to do what we can to keep people employed by improving our roadways and infrastructure, but more needs to be done. We must put in place tax and regulatory policies that will encourage job creation for the long term.

Instead of doing so, Sen. Robson and the rest of her party have voted in massive tax increases on businesses and consumers to fill budget gaps. I know we need to balance the budget, but punishing economic activity in the middle of the worst recession in 25 years is mind-numbingly stupid. We need to position ourselves for success in the long term and these tax policies harm us now and in the future by making our state less competitive.

The legislature is going to be debating the budget in the coming weeks. This is the perfect opportunity to set our priorities on long term economic recovery. The best thing for Beloit and Janesville is a competitive Wisconsin. Our position as border communities make it that much easier for companies to move if conditions are better in Illinois. The same goes for every other border community in the state.

Our representatives need to remember that economics, unlike politics, is not a zero-sum game. If a company or industry grows and prospers, it does not mean that someone else loses. If companies are paying less in taxes to government they can pay their workers more or hire more employees. They can reinvest the money otherwise spent on taxes to grow or improve their business. It is in their interest to do so in order to remain competitive.

It is time our representatives actually do their jobs and represent the interests of all people - business owners and employees alike. The stimulus money might stop the bleeding momentarily, but eventually we need to get down to work ourselves.

The people elected you to help solve this crisis. Stop passing the buck and get to work.