A rapidly fading chance

I'm prepared, now, to give up hope on Michael Steele, and that makes me sad.

This man had a tremendous opportunity -- he was elected to take the GOP in a new direction, to bring it up from the ashes in a way that will resonate with the American people and make it relevant again. And he began by picking a decent battle: by flexing some muscle to put Limbaugh in his place and reassert the fact that the Chair of the RNC is the head of the party, not a radio commentator.

But instead of carrying through with the move, he caved. Almost immediately.

And he's done so again.

And there's no indication that things will get better -- indeed, he's been slippery on his positions since he entered the race for GOP chair.

In the face of such a spineless "leader," I have very little faith that the Republican Party will not become entirely beholden to the Limbaugh faction. And that is an extremely depressing prospect.