The pent up music post 2009

2009's shaping up to be a good year in music, at least for me. Not much new was released last year, except albums from Sigur Ros, NIN, and technically Radiohead. In comparison, 2007 was great with a bunch of albums.

Andrew Bird's newest Noble Beast has been out a month. It's definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard it. He continues forward crafting his own style of indie/folk? rock supplemented with an ethereal violin and a dash of whistle. There's also the usual turning of phrases including "from proto-Sanskrit Minoans to porto-centric Lisboans."

The Decemberists are due to release the Hazards of Love later this month. I like the development they've made in the direction they seem to be going with this and their previous album. Their style is better served by making an album with songs united around a common story instead of as a set of unconnected, yet still nice, songs. They have two of the new songs online and in true form, the second one recounts the killing of one's children.

I'm also looking forward to a Midlake release this year. I liked their last album--basically Thom Yorke singing with Fleetwood Mac playing songs about the Oregon Trail--but the last few songs on the album puttered out. Maybe they'll manage a great one from start to finish this time.

Next, Architecture in Helsinki has a new single, well, was new in Nov/Dec. You may recall their last single and video had been likened to 'muppets on crack.' Now they're doing cults.

They're also going to be releasing an album this year. What there was of their previous album was good, but it was a bit disappointing at a total length of under 32 minutes.

Wolfmother's also releasing another album this year with a retooled lineup.

Finally, U2 and Franz Ferdinand released albums this year. From what I've heard people saying, U2's is 'meh' and FF still hasn't grown much musically.

Also in the realm of music, this week is the 45th anniversary of In C.

That's all I can think of for music for now. What else is on the horizon?