Obama may bring hope, but not a lot of change

I understand that President Obama wants to combat the cost of health care, universal access to college, green energy, the crumbling economy and a whole bunch of other grand initiatives. He's trying to do a heck of a lot all at once.

Apparently, though, actually doing something about those pesky earmarks is just too much to ask.

The President said a lot of nice things about reforming and eliminating earmarks today
, but he still signed the $410 billion omnibus bill - with all 8,000 some odd earmarks in tact. So, we have a nice public speech about being stewards of the taxpayer's money, but the simple act of vetoing a bill just is too tough.

Sure, it's only a small percentage of the total bill - something on the order of 2% - but if President Obama is serious, really serious about reform and change in Washington, wouldn't it make sense to veto a pork-laden bill like this?

Right now, it looks more like Nancy Pelosi is running the show in the Democrat Party - not the President. This would have been a good chance to show the nation that the President is serious about change and is willing to stand up to Congress. Then again, maybe hope and change were just nice campaign slogans and Obama is happy to let the status quo remain unchanged. It wouldn't be the first time a politician didn't live up to his rhetoric.