The Metro wins

Here in Madison an ad war has spring up between the Freedom From Religion Foundation and a church from Monroe, Wis. and it's playing out in/on the buses.

I happened to notice the bus I rode home yesterday had one of the atheist signs in the interior that had a stylized image of Mark Twain with a quote that went something like 'faith is believing in what you know just isn't so.'

From the article, the church is countering with the 'only a fool says there's no god' passage from the Bible. This is not the best counter statement for several reasons:
  1. Most of all, Bible quotes only work on people who are already Christians and are turn-offs for those who aren't.
  2. It doesn't address the issue--it's only name calling.
  3. Rather inconveniently, the Bible says that people who do the fool calling go to hell (Mark 5:22).
Related, Mark Twain attempted to write a story about religion. Here's the 5-min youtube version.