Is It Just Me -

- or does Organizing for America sound a little creepy?

This weekend, supporters like you are organizing Pledge Project Canvasses to talk to people in their communities about this plan and mobilize support in neighborhoods across the country.

Host or attend a Pledge Project Canvass in your neighborhood this weekend.

It's absolutely crucial that Americans hear from you about this plan -- we can't leave this important debate up to a Washington establishment that doesn't welcome change.

It's up to you to show Washington that Americans are demanding this new direction and won't stand on the sidelines while our country's future is at stake.

On these canvasses, you'll join fellow supporters in your community to:
- Talk with people about the President's plan
- Ask them to sign their names to the pledge
- Provide information on how to contact and urge their elected representatives to support the plan
- Host or attend a canvass this weekend:


Nothing is more powerful than having people hear from ordinary Americans about the vision President Obama has laid out for our country. Join us this weekend.

It's an interesting and possibly savvy move on the part of Obama - go directly to the people.

But something about it just strikes me as a little eerie...some echo from some uncomfortable historical example...rather Maoist in its cultishness and mass obedience to the propaganda spin on issues of the day.