Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins to Visit Tulane

I will have to try to squeeze this one in - a visit by Billy Collins, the two time national poet laureate:

Acclaimed best-selling poet Billy Collins makes a rare visit to New Orleans on Monday, March 16, reading at Tulane University's McAlister Auditorium. The 7 PM event is free and open to the public: doors open at 6 PM. After the reading, Collins will remain on stage to sign books. Described by The New York Times as "not only a wildly successful seller of books … but also a charming public reader who can pack auditoriums," Collins is a celebrated poet who has published numerous works, including the critical and commercial favorites Picnic, Lightning (1998) and Nine Horses (2002), a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. 

I've read Collins' "Sailing Alone Around the Room " - in fact, I own a soft cover copy of the book.  While he's not my favorite poet of all time, he certainly has a few gems.  His style, too, pervades his work - a sort of flowing, whimsical mastery that the reader first recognizes in full at the aftertaste stage beyond the final word of the poem.

I remember when, as a sophomore in college, one of my roommates' parents drove several hours from Wausau to Madison just to hear Collins at the Memorial Union.  That trip makes me think a walk over to McAlister might be in order.

Billy Collins: "The Names"