But we get such great gov't services...

For everyone who likes to argue that we get better government services for all the high taxes we pay, what about this story?

One would think that 5,000 citizens being told wrongly told that their social security benefits would be cut warrants an apology, or at least another letter informing them of the error.

Nope, not in Wisconsin. We're just going to wait and handle it if anyone calls. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but we're in a recession. Most seniors live on fixed incomes, you think that this might cause those 5,000 individuals to be a little upset?

The people at DHS need to get off their backsides and let each and every person affected by this know that it was a mistake. Just hoping that they call to complain is not good enough. Whoever is responsible for the "glitch" needs to explain why it happened and what steps were taken so it never happens again.

FLASHBACK: Remember this from about a year ago? Why is it that we seem to keep on having these problems with "glitches" screwing so many things up? It shouldn't be too much to ask for a little competence in state government.