Where Should Libertarians Head?

Left or Right?

I understand the impulse for smart, independent-minded libertarians to flee what seems like an increasingly anti-intellectual American Right and seek conversations and alliances with the friendlier parts of the left-of-center. But the vacuum on the Right also militates in favor of smart, idiosyncratic thinkers trying to fill it, instead of fighting for a seat at the crowded liberal table. That doesn't mean registering as a Republican, attending CPAC, or casting a vote for McCain-Palin (or the next iteration thereof). But it means being open to the possibility that the old fusionism, battered and bruised as it is, may still hold as much promise for the advancement of libertarian policy goals as "liberaltarianism" ever will.

An interesting take.  But I think the Bush years convinced many libertarians that both parties are equally unresponsive to libertarian calls.  Throughout the Aughts, the GOP gave fewer and fewer reasons for libertarians to remain in the coalition.  With no lesser of the two evils, some libertarians will probably seek a seat at the table, even if it is one chair out of many. 

Until the Obama administration and the Democratic congress show more of their true colors, a folding chair in the East Room probably looks better than a prominent spot on a stump out in the wilderness.