Surprise - Another New Freret Street Establishment: Village Coffee

I just learned that another new establishment will soon be gracing Freret Street.

According to workers at the site this afternoon, a vacant building at the corner of Jefferson and Freret is being converted into a Village Coffee shop.

This is good news.  The new establishment will occupy a building that has been vacant since I arrived in 2007 on a prominent corner.  It helps to anchor the far Uptown end of the reviving Freret Corridor (which I've highlighted before).  It provides an option for students like me, who make up a sizable portion of residents in the immediate vicinity, that currently does not exist within walking distance.  Finally, it helps to transform portions of the Katrina-weakened residential neighborhoods on the border of Central City/Freret and Audubon into more attractive, livable neighborhoods.

It's also within walking distance of the uptown universities.  For example, it's only 0.4 miles from Tulane Law School.  By contrast, the walk to the closest existing off-campus coffeeshop is 0.9 miles to the cluster of shops around Starbucks on Maple Street.

Perhaps my postings today belie an excessive interest in coffee shops - it's true!  They've become a key part of my attempt to balance my workload with limited forays into the real world.