"Savings" So-Called

While slamming the sneaky accounting of his predecessor, President Obama engaged in a bit of his own:  

One of Barack Obama’s most audacious claims in his budget Thursday is that he has identified more than $2 trillion in savings over 10 years.  But his budget document shows that a big chunk of those savings comes from a flick of the budgetary pen — a helpful side effect of Obama’s pledge to be more open with war costs than his predecessor.

The method: bringing hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan costs onto the budget’s bottom line, and then reducing them over time..

While the addition of the conflict costs to the overall budget picture is positive, the savings claim appears to be rhetorical embellishment at the least.

As commenter Chris noted, the title of "A New Era of Responsibility" for the President's Message is a bit disingenuous, or at least ironic - and annoyingly characteristic of the doublespeak that has become standard for the Executive.  Euphemisms in a landscape of unprecedented government growth and intrusion of government into the private sector are worth worrying about.