Purple Yellow Green

Here's what Bourbon Street looked like from the balconies back on the 7th, the night of Krewe Du Vieux.  It's difficult to imagine, sitting here on a tranquil morning, the magnolias motionless across the street, listening to the trains and ships sounding their horns down at the wharves, the streetcars faintly rumbling up St. Charles. With less than a week until Mardi Gras, though, I'm sure it will soon be even more packed for several days straight.

I recently asked a friend what we should call today, something to make it fit the irreverent tone of the Carnival season.  If next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, shouldn't today be something like "Fire Wednesday" or  "Spark Wednesday"? - some term to denote the ignition of the final festive week. 

The new Krewe of Hammurabi is slated to light up the tinder, making its inaugural march this afternoon in the Bywater.  I would classify us as a "Walking Club/sub-krewe/guild krewe."  Unfortunately, some intense rain and thunderstorms on the horizon have me worried about the viability of the afternoon's events.  Still, rain or shine, we have a nucleus of people that is interested in making this idea come to fruition sooner or later.

Tomorrow, an old friend arrives in town - a college roommate I've kept up with, but haven't seen in over two years.  He's never been to New Orleans, so it should be great to give him a taste of the city in full swing - when I'm not working on tasks for the Maritime Law Journal (which recently elected me Editor in Chief for the next year).  Some of you may remember him, a character from the early Madison blogosphere.

I'll do my best to chime in now and then as Mardi Gras sweeps over the city.  Keep an eye on our Twitter account near the top of the sidebar, too, as Steve S will be traveling just as I take to the neutral grounds for a variety of parades, music, and other festivities over the long weekend.  Here's some music from Rebirth Brass Band to get you in the Mardi Gras mood (the saxophone player in the opening frames banks at the same branch as me):